Friday, April 15, 2011

Antiquing (and a Shop Preview too!)

Suitcases stuffed with small vintage goodies, a doctor's bag, an old time card holder, vintage silver serving pieces and a 3 tier pie crust table, 
all fresh from a Virginia barn sale!

I am off on an antiquing trip, stocking up on tons of new items for the etsy shop and my new shop on Queen St. opening this summer (hooray!). I'll be out of town until the 29th, or until our cars are full, visiting tons of antiques sales, flea markets, barn sales and auctions. All orders placed in our etsy shop during this time will ship the Monday or Tuesday after I return, and everyone who patiently waits for an item during this time is getting a coupon to use with their next order as a thank you!

I'll be posting photos of finds here on the blog throughout the trip, meanwhile I'll leave you with a preview of our shop space in Charleston (none of the badly needed gardening had been done along the path at this point...think of this as a "before" shot)!


  1. oh man, I want that time card rack!!

  2. That time card rack is going to be for rent in the shop (I have a smaller metal version to sell though)...I'll be doing a post in a few weeks about my exciting new rentals project!

  3. OMG, it's so cute! I can't wait for your shop!!! Where is it on queen? can I come check it out when you're back?

  4. The shop is on queen between church & meeting, it's sort of a hidden space off the beaten path (the actual entrance is on the side of the building), but once I get the signs up it will be easier to find.

    Once the painting & lighting work is done on the space I'll start to set everything up, probably in June I'll be ready to open part time, with a grand opening celebration later in the summer. I'll keep the blog updated with progress reports, and I'll post once I'm ready for people to stop by without injuring themselves on the boxes & displays strewn about!

  5. What a beautiful space, it's like a hidden garden. good luck with your shop!

  6. I love the pictures on this post! Love the suitcases! I am also excited to see more of your shop. The picture looks awesome