Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Antiquing trip part I

Random shots from the antiquing trip I'm currently on, courtesy of instagram (making crappy iPhone pics vintage-chic since 2010)...

 {vintage pigeon cage}

 {old general store window, Saluda NC}

{vintage ballot box, already listed in the shop}

 {pair of antique church candelabras, for the wedding rentals business}

{camel, Gatlinburg TN}


  1. That bird cage = amazing! Is it green? Is it for sale?!

  2. Camel? please tell me you are not shipping that to me at the shop. I draw the line there!

  3. While I would love to have my own shop camel, I left him back in TN. I might be sending back some small things packed in a crate or two though, I'm running out of room in the car and I still have 4 days left!