Friday, May 13, 2011

Headed Home

I love antiquing, truly I do, but after a month and a half on the road I am ready to head back to Charleston and stay put for a while. I have two full cars worth of antique & vintage goodness for the new store, some of it, like the no surfing sign and the watch maker's chest are available in our etsy shop already...

...but other pieces, like these long framed group photos (which I am doing an entire wall of in the store) and the polished brass lamps, will be available in store only for a while. Making their way online eventually, maybe...

These antique c. 1910 polished brass ship lamps were one of my favorite finds of the entire trip! I picked up 1 for myself and 3 for the shop, I can't wait to get them wired and mounted on the wall in the store. I'm thinking they will be a great way to light the old wooden table-top cases I bought for displaying jewelry and small sterling trophies!

Once I am back home next week I'll be back to my regular blogging schedule, posing some photos of the finished store interior (yay!) and some recipes I've been saving too. I'll also share more photos of the treasures I am returning home with, and some exciting news about the start of my vintage event rentals business!


  1. Those lamps are fantastic! I can't wait to see your other treasures!!

  2. Thanks, I am really in love with these lamps!! It will be hard to see them go, but I am definitely keeping one for myself...maybe two. I'll be back from my trip in 5 days, and I'll post lots more photos of the pieces I found on this trip (and the shop too) once I return!